Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zinio updates its iOS app to add 'retina' support; Netflix also updates its app, but some new problems have arisen

Digital newsstand company Zinio LLC today updated its iOS app in order to add support for the new iPad's 'retina display'.

The app update most effects how the app is seen on the iPad, but that app description says that there were other improvements made to the add to make download speeds faster and optimize the app's performance.
How the magazines look inside the Zinio newsstand will depend on the individual magazine, of course. Also, because most of the magazines are simple replicas of the print edition, they often remain hard to read compared to native designed tablet editions.

Nonetheless, the new iPad's higher resolution display should make many of these magazines somewhat easier to read compared to the same product on an older tablet.

The video below captures the opening animation on the updated Zinio app, as well as a brief look at the preview available for the magazine GQ UK.

Netflix also issued an app update today to its iOS app.

The update added higher resolution artwork in order to improve the general look of the app on the new iPad. It also is said to improve the playback on external displays.

Users, though, have noticed some new problems creeping into the app, so another update may be right around the corner.

It will be interesting to see if Netflix also makes changes to the Apple TV version of the app. With the new Apple TV, viewers can now sign up for a Netflix account right through their Apple TV. But the updated Apple TV now supports 1080p and films and TV shows bought through the iTunes app definitely look better – and seem to stream better – than before the update.