Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bloomberg Businessweek issues update for their app, then warns users not to actually update their app

I know of a few cases where publishers have issued an update to their media apps then recognized that another update would be necessary. In those cases the publisher says 'oops, sorry about that, we'll fix this soon.'

But the app for Bloomberg Businessweek+ contains the unusual warning "iPAD USERS: DO NOT UPDATE. We are investigating a bug that is affecting people who update."

I'd like to tell you exactly what that bug is. but I've decided that the publisher knows best and have not updated my own app. But some of the new reviews give a clue what is going on:
It won't open...all I get is a black screen for 15 sec then I am sent back to the iPads home screen.
The bug seems to only effect iPad users, while iPhone users are reporting no problems associated with the update.

Needless to say, expect the publisher to issue a new update this week.

This does go to an issue all iOS users deal with: do they mindlessly update their apps, or do they update them one at a time after carefully reading the reactions of other users? I would guess that most people just hit "update all" and move on.

Lately, I've begun to be very careful with hitting the update button, especially after both Facebook and Twitter issued very poorly thought out updates.