Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Digital sports magazines from The Sporting News and Bonnier get updates

Several sports-themed magazines updated their digital editions this morning, though not all of the updates concerned making their apps 'retina display' compliant.
The Sporting News, which for a while tried to be called simply Sporting News, has updated its digital magazine found inside Newsstand.

The app, called Sporting News – yeah, I know, they meed to make up their minds – fixes a bug for the app's TV Tune-In section and My Teams section front. It does not add retina support, as one reviewer inside the App Store has already pointed out. But frankly, I think the app looks fine. I swiped through the pages trying to find examples of content that looked bad on the new iPad but really didn't find any. Maybe my eyes are still not able to focus this morning, but the app looked fine to me.

The app and the content remain free. Sporting News, or rather The Sporting News, previously had experimented with a paid model but has gone the free route with its digital magazine (the company seems to be concentrating much of its efforts on its AOL partnership).
Bonnier Corporation updated a series of its sports titles last night, as well. Skiing Mag, Yachting Mag, WaterSki Mag were all updated in order to make them 'retina' compliant.

Bonnier, which has quite a stable of titles in the App Store, had recently updated other titles just last week (as you can read about here).

The titles updated are employing a replica edition strategy, and all the Bonnier books appear to require all readers to pay for content access, even print subscribers.

Yesterday, Mag+ announced that Gregg Hano, the S.V.P. Corporate Sales and Technology Group at Bonnier, would be leaving the publisher to take over the CEO role at the digital publishing solutions company (see here). Hano and the team at the tech group were behind the first magazine apps launched into the App Store that used the Mag+ platform.