Monday, April 2, 2012

Harrods brings its magazine to the iPad with a native designed tablet edition

The highlight for any first time visitor to London is a trip to Harrods, the department store that can trace its history back to 1824.
But if you can not get to London then at least you now can access the store's own branded magazine thanks to the firm launching a tablet edition into Apple's Newsstand (it also has a shopping iPhone app simply called Harrods.)

Harrods Magazine is free of charge, as is the content, as you'd expect from a custom content magazine.

The magazine's tablet edition can only be read in portrait and is a rather slow download (this is one area where it definitely can be improved). After that, the only downside I would say is that the high resolution artwork loads fairly slowly, but I think readers / shoppers won't mind as this is definitely one of those leisure reads that shouldn't be rushed into or out of.

The current issue available is April and it makes its appearance in Newsstand before it has actually appeared on the company's website.

Below is a two-minute walk-through of the start of the app with its embedded video and animated opening. No annoying voice over by me this time around.