Friday, April 6, 2012

Immediate Media, owner of the former BBC Magazines titles, releases six new iPad editions inside Newsstand

Immediate Media Company, which is publishing titles formerly owned by BBC Magazines, has begun releasing iPad editions for their titles, as well as other tablet publishing projects. Yesterday British publisher released six new iPad apps: Olive Magazine, Gardener's World Magazine, 220 Triathlon Magazine, Cineworld Magazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine and Countrylife Magazine.
Each of the six titles, along with previously released apps for BBC Music Magazine and Focus Magazine, can be found inside Apple's Newsstand.

While all the apps are free to download, not all the magazines are currently charging for downloading issues or subscribing. BBC Wildlife Magazine, for instance, is charging a hefty $49.99 (£34.99) for an annual subscription, while Cineworld Magazine's April issue can be downloaded free of charge.

By the way, the app description for BBC Wildlife Magazine promises free sample issues but I could not find them anywhere inside the app. It is possible, I suppose, that they app went live before they were able to make sure they would be there for readers to explore.
The tablet edition of the April issue of Cineworld Magazine is the one featured here. The issue weighs in at a bit over 300 MB, which is pretty small when you consider the amount of video content to be found here.

Cineworld is hardly a Cahiers du Cinema, the influential, deadly serious film criticism magazine. Cineworld is instead, what a teenager might think of when considering what a movie magazine should look like.

The tablet edition of a movie magazine should be all about video, right? Well, this one is, and so one gets a glimpse of what the tablet publishing platform should be about: a new take on publishing which takes advantages of the new digital platform.

Immediate Media is clearly committed to tablets. It's home page makes sure to list "expertise in digital platforms" as one of its strengths. With 25 titles under ownership, Immediate Media will most likely be releasing new apps for a while.

Below is a quick look at the April issue of Cineworld in action: