Monday, April 30, 2012

Incisive Media launches a natively designed iPad app for Investment Week; the tablet edition also serves to bring the latest news from the publication's website

The U.K. publisher Incisive Media released their first app for the iPad just after Labor Day of last year. That app, British Journal of Photography, was built using the Mag+ platform, has been highly praised.

This weekend saw the release of the publisher's tenth app, the new one for Investment Week. According to the staff page inside the app, the same app design team of App design team composed of Mick Moore, Tom Royal and Nicky Brown were responsible for this new app.
But unlike the photography magazine, Investment Week's tablet edition is free of charge.

The reason for this may be that the publication's website is open to web readers. But the one category that publishers know will support a pay model is financial publications. This explains why the WSJ, Financial Times and The Economist have made the smoothest transition to digital.**

The app is well worth downloading. Once the reader subscribes to the publication (for free) they can download their first issue. That issue weighed in at 138 MB (and did take a while to download). Once loaded, the issue can be read in both portrait and landscape. One can also gain access to the latest financial news by clicking a link that brings in news from the website.

In addition to the two publications previously mentioned, Incisive Media also has a strange mix of apps such as the replica edition of Computing Magazine produced by PixelMags. The company would be smart to stick to native designed apps based on both the British Journal of Photography and Investment Week.

**I've been told by Rebecca Wilson, Head of Digital Operations at Incisive Media, that the periodical is a free trade publication. I guess I was confused about this as a search online shows that one can pay for a subscription. Obviously I was not familiar with Investment Week before the launch of the app – one of the best reasons to launch such an app, right?