Friday, April 27, 2012

Interweave launches their own tablet editions by converting their desktop digital magazines into iPad apps

Since September of last year the Loveland, Colorado based publisher Interweave has been launching digital editions for the iPad of some of their titles previously designed for the desktop. As of this morning, Interweave has 20 iPad apps as well as five mobile apps inside Apple's App Store.

The newest of these is Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine, one of five titles in its jewelry line. Interweave also has iPad editions inside the Newsstand for Interweave Crochet Magazine, Beadwork Magazine, Quilting Arts Magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, as well as what I believe to be a special issue of Quilting Arts, Quilting Arts in Stitches.
In addition to these Newsstand apps, the company has released additional stand alone apps including its first such apps, Colorways and Collage in Color.

Interweave has been producing what it calls (and says it has trademarked) eMags since early 2010. These digital products, designed for desktop reading, are created using Adobe InDesign and Adobe AIR. From this comes the app versions.

Because of this, all the apps are to be read in landscape – because that is the shape of your computer monitor. One might call these new apps replica editions of digital desktop editions. Unlike standard Flash flipbooks, these editions have much more interactivity. Lapidary Journal, for instance, has built in slideshows and the ability to move and zoom into photos.

The difference between what you see on your iPad and what would be seen on your computer monitor is that the navigation is native to the tablet – that is, one can scroll down within articles rather than simply clicking to reach the next page.

It is an interesting approach, and though a bit limiting, is certainly a better take on the replica model. Because the pages are designed to be read in a desktop environment, the fonts tend to be a bit small (and there are not font adjustments available), but I found it fairly easy to read on the new iPad, and because one can pinch=to-zoom, one could use this to make reading of text easier.