Monday, April 2, 2012

Mad Magazine launches a (cheap!) tablet edition into Apple's Newsstand

Making just enough adjustments to their tablet edition to make it more easily read, DC Comics has introduced Mad Magazine into the Apple Newsstand.
The app, Mad magazine (Cheap!) – yep, that's really the name – is free to download and gives you access to tons of issue of the comedy magazine for $1.99 per shot (this is also the monthly sub price), or a subscription is available at $9.99.

The app also comes with a preview "issue", which isn't actually an issue but simply four pages of content. The preview comes as a disappointment after having to wait to download over 40 MB of content. That's right: 40MB of high resolution content only equates to four magazine pages, revealing the consequences of the new higher resolution iPad display.

But while there are some complaints about the preview inside the App Store, loyal readers should be happy with the digital edition as it makes just enough changes to make sure the tablet edition is readable.

Mad Magazine is the fifth app now available for the iOS devices, the others being Vertigo Comics, Hero Factory, Green Lantern Comics and DC Comics – all these other apps are universal. Mad Magazine (Cheap!), therefore, is the first app released that is specifically for the iPad.