Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mag+ releases version 3.2 of its system, now supporting the new iPad's 'retina' display resolution, other features

The digital magazine production platform provider Mag+ today released version 3.2 of its software. The new update will provide support for the new iPad's higher resolution display, as well as provide other features and updates.
The announcement from Mag+ also included the news that the company will start supporting apps for the iPhone starting in June. The company said that a developer/publisher will be able to build the mobile apps in InDesign and launch them for "as little as $199."

The update also includes the ability to build tablet editions for the Kindle Fire. The company will update its system later this month to support Amazon's new in-app subscription and purchase abilities.

The updated Mag+ system will also now allow for a publisher to designate a free issue, allowing the reader to preview a complete issue in the app library rather than simply a condensed preview issue.

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Anonymous said...

These updates are great. But also need templates, something like the templates in the Apple eBook authoring program.

Any hope on the horizon there?