Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Media app updates: Bonnier and Hearst update their tablet apps to add 'retina' support while keeping the business model unchanged

Publishers continue to issue updates to their iOS media apps in order to make adjustments for Apple's new iPad.

This week Bonniere released updates for many of their magazine apps including Saveur, Scuba Diving, Boating Mag, Cruising World Mag, Science Illustrated Magazine, Florida Travel + Life Mag, Transworld WAKEBOARD, Field & Stream Mag, Sport Fishing Mag, Caribbean Travel + Life Mag, Marlin Mag and Outdoor Life Mag.
There are a few other magazines in the App Store not mentioned above that I'm sure will see updates soon – I may have even missed them.

None of the magazines in the Technology Group which include Popular Photography and Popular Science have been updated yet. Most (if not all) of these magazines are using the Mag+ platform to create their tablet editions.

Hearst Newspapers also issued 'retina' updates for their four newspaper apps inside the Apple Newsstand: Albany Times, San Antonio Express, Houston Chronicle and San Francisco Chronicle.

All four newspaper apps use the identical app design, which locks in the editors to certain layouts. But readers have, for the most part, been positive about the apps.

In the case of the San Francisco Chronicle, one review says it all: "Better than anything else local." As the Chronicle is surrounded by newspapers owned by Digital First, you'd think this would not be the case, but the darling of the academic crowd continues to lag far behind other newspaper chains when it comes to mobile and tablet publishing.

While the Hearst Newspapers app allows for current subscribers to sign-in in order to access the content as part of their print subscription, Bonnier continues to make print subscribers choose between print and digital.