Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Medical publisher Bryn Mawr Communications launches two replica edition apps using the Paperlit platform

The medical publishing firm Bryn Mawr Communications today launched their first tablet edition apps inside Apple's Newssstand. The medical journals Endovascular Today and Cardiac Interventions Today each has seen its apps premiere in the App Store.
Both apps use the Paperlit platform to create the replica edition apps. The basic fees to create an app, according to the paperlit website, is € 2,000 per app and monthly license fee of € 100 per month, though the site does warn that the monthly fee is determined by the number of active readers using the app.

Like most replica editions, these suffer from the same drawbacks usually seen: pages designed for print are harder to read on a tablet and require pinch-to-zoom, two-page spreads are not obvious when reading in portrait, the left page/right page numbering makes little sense on a tablet, etc.

The good news here is that the apps do, in fact, use pinch-to-zoom, and that the fonts appear clear, even on a new iPad (something that can't be said of all replicas).

Not all the Bryn Mawr medical titles appear to be audited. I found many of them inside the BPA website, but not any audit for Endovascular Today. I mention this, of course, because these apps are free to download and the content is free, as well. That means that the readers who access these issue may, or may not, be considered qualified readers. But this might not be a serious concern right for the publisher as the desire to make these medical journals available might have been the sole goal at this time.

Left: Because these are replica editions, two-spreads are not seen in portrait, yet copy is too small in landscape; Right: users must pinch-to-zoom to clearly read the text, but the text is clear, even on the new iPad. Click here to see an iPad resolution image of the zoomed in page.