Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Morning Brief: Rupert Murdoch testifies in front of the Leveson inquiry; Newsweek adds 'retina' support to its iPad edition; Quark updates its tablet magazine, Jabber

This afternoon (GMT) Rupert Murdoch is testifying in front of the Leveson inquiry and the thread of inquiry appears to be Murdoch's power behind the scenes in U.K. politics.

The testimony is fairly uneventful compared to that of his son, James Murdoch, yesterday in front of the inquiry.

While yesterday's testimony centered on emails obtained as part of the investigation, and the direct ties between News International and the Tory government, today's testimony is all about the very public influence Rupert Murdoch has on U.K. politics as the owner of powerful media properties. So far the testimony has been about meetings and parties held, as if the inquiry is simply trying to get on record.

What is really happening, however, is that the inquiry is exposing the true way powerful media companies deal with the government, calling politicians to inform them of stories in advance so that they, too, get information and consideration. The inquiry is merely revealing what many media consumers already know, the entire system – both government and large media – are corrupt to the core.

Newsweek has updated its iPad edition this morning to make the app 'retina' compliant. The weekly digital magazine utilizes native tablet layouts and interactive features, rather than being merely a replica of the print product.

Subscriptions remain at $2.99 per month, or $29.99 for an annual subscription. Individual issues are available at $4.99.

The app also offers PDF versions of archived issues at $0.99 per issue.

Quark this morning updated its own branded magazine, Jabber. Interestingly, Quark has not decided to move its company book into the Apple Newsstand.

The magazine is produced quarterly, and this may be why the company has decided to keep it as a separate app, but one owuld think the publishing solutions company would want to demonstrate support for Newsstand through its own branded magazine app.