Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The November election is set, its Romney versus Obama; an update on the new Appelberg tablet edition

Two weeks ago Rick Santorum was well ahead of Mitt Romney in the polls in Wisconsin, but a blow out loss in Illinois seems to change the minds of many in the northern Midwest state and yesterday it dealt a death blow to his chances at the nomination.

Wisconsin is often considered a swing state that generally leans towards blue in presidential elections. In 2008, Obama carried the state 56.3% to 42.2%. But supporters of the GOP have grown far more conservative and now are major supporters of the Tea Party movement. Polls show, for instance, that those that identify with the Republicans remain strongly supportive of their Republican governor, Scott Walker, despite his attacks on public unions. Wisconsin, one should remember, has been seen in the past as strongly pro-union and progressive in its politics. No more. Today the state is as severely divided as any state in the union (if "union" is even an appropriate term to be used today in the U.S.).

Yesterday, Mitt Romney defeated his opponents in all three GOP primaries and it appears all but certain that he will be the Republican nominee in the fall, and it sets up what could be the most bitter and divisive election this country has seen in quite some time.

Appelberg's new app, before it was pulled.

Yesterday I wrote about the new app from Appelberg Publishing Group, a custom publisher from Sweden. They had just released a new version of their digital magazine that now was natively designed and resided in the Newsstand – their previous app being a replica edition outside of Newsstand.

Well, according to the art director from Appelberg, Johan Nohr, that app was not really supposed to go live, but was instead intended for Apple's review process. The app was approved, of course, and immediately went live.

I guess its hard to get a media app by TNM, because I saw it, downloaded it and posted about the app within minutes of its appearance. Because I concentrate on the design and development of media apps, rather than their actual content, I missed the fact that the app was really just a shell, a prototype of what the tablet edition will really look like when it is released again later this month.

"The version of the app that got released yesterday was intended for Apple's review process only," Johan wrote me this morning, "and the final version will be more sophisticated and include lots of more material such as stories, images, animations and video (for instance, the cover image begins with a film from the photo shoot). Hence why the app you saw and reviewed is so light and starving for content."

So if you're looking for the new app from Appelberg Publishing Group this morning you won't find it, they've pulled the app and will re-release it into the App Store on the 20th. In the meantime, I will take the opportunity to get more information on the app and will post a new story when it appears live in Newsstand again in two weeks.