Monday, April 23, 2012

Racy new tablet edition from Cyprus hits the Newsstand; Civil Engineering provides another B2B media example

I'm on the prowl for new media examples from Greece since I will be there in the summer. If possible I'd like to meet with some publishers or editors who are launching new mobile or tablet editions. Let me know if you know some I should be meeting when in Athens.

Unfortunately, a visit to Cyprus is not on the agenda, otherwise I could meet with the team from SPP Media who have just released their first iPad app for MAN Magazine. The company's name translates from the Greek into Special Editions, but translating Greek is, of course, difficult online and in the App Store. The publisher's name appear there as N.D.D EIDIKES EKDOSEIS LTD, and on their site as ΕΙΔΙΚΕΣ ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ.

New iPad hi-res image.
In any case, this new tablet edition is a men's magazine that would generally only be seen in Cyprus were it not for the Newsstand and the creation of the tablet publishing platform.

It is also the type of magazine that Apple might have rejected back in the early months of the App Store. But despite being a bit racy, with a few suggestive photo spreads, there is nothing here that needs to be hidden from the kids.

The app edition itself is pretty interesting. It is almost a replica, but with a few pages reformatted in native tablet design style. The pages that are brought over from the print edition suffer, however, from text that is too small to read – and without pinch-to-zoom or adjustable fonts to help out.

The issue comes with another magazine baked into the April issue, as well: the car magazine 4Wheels. Of course, all of this is in Greek, so if you are looking for reading material you better be bi-lingual. TNM's interest, as always, is in what the publisher is doing with the platform, and how this tablet edition is unique.

Earlier today there appeared a post on the new tablet edition for HOTELS Magazine. One point I made concerned the B2B circulation model, and how giving away (or selling) tablet editions sometimes conflicted with the qualification model employed by most industry magazines.

An example I often use in conversations with other B2B publishers is Civil Engineering magazine. That particular magazine is the voice of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and a magazine I am very familiar with from my days as a publisher with McGraw-Hill and as the publisher of Roads & Bridges magazine.

Civil Engineering is received by member of the ASCE as part of their dues. Everyone else has to pay to receive the monthly magazine. Because of this I would think that the magazine might appear in Newsstand as a paid magazine, but would allow members to sign in to access the issues for free.

As it turns out, Civil Engineering has its own app inside the App Store. The app, Civil Engineering Magazine, is a universal app produced by the digital flipbook maker Texterity. While this particular app appears under the ASCE name, many, many others can be found under the developer's name including the magazine from the AARP. That app has the incredibly ridiculous name of AARP The Magazine APP. Feel Great, Save Money, Have Fun. (the name includes that ending period, as well).

The app does not support Apple's Newsstand, so issue do not download automatically, and rather than selling issues inside the app, the app serves simply as a "reader" app – the reader downloads the app and must sign into their ASCE account in order to access the issues. Once there, of course, one gets the usual replica edition.