Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Retweet: Guardian team summarizes the significance of the emails revealed at the Leveson inquiry

The show is over for today, James Murdoch has testified at the Leveson inquiry and tomorrow his father appears. The Guardian's team of David Leigh and Nick Davies have done the work of summarizing what was revealed today and what it might mean in this article just now posted to the paper's website.

For most Americans, I fear, the revelations would prove to be a yawn – the expected, I suppose. For me this latest twist was to be expected: it is always the politicians that come crashing down first. The media moguls, in the end, still have their hands on enough strings to make sure that face is all they lose, not their heads.

Update: to say that the British press is having a field day today would be gross understatement. This post on The Telegraph's site, though, shows the political backlash that has just started brewing: "James Murdoch has admitted for the first time that he and David Cameron discussed News Corporation’s controversial bid to buy out BSkyB at a Christmas dinner..."