Friday, April 27, 2012

When it comes to browser pageviews on tablets, size really does matter (according to comScore)

Yesterday comScore released a market share report on Android tablets that revealed that Amazon's Kindle Fire had claimed a 54.4 percent share of the Android-driven tablet market. The report failed to compare that side of the market with Apple's iPad share, but I think many observers know instinctively that there is a battle for share being fought on the Android side, but not much of a battle at all when one looks at the tablet market overall… Apple still dominates.
But another finding comScore reported does have some relevance for publishers looking at the tablet market. comScore studied the browser usage of tablet owners and found that the size of the device impacted pageviews.

"Analysis of page view consumption by screen size found a strong positive association between screen size and content consumption. Specifically, 10″ tablets have a 39-percent higher consumption rate than 7″ tablets and a 58-percent higher rate than 5″ tablets," the comScore study reported.

"With the emergence of a growing number of smaller-sized tablet devices, advertisers and publishers will need to understand whether these devices limit the opportunity for advertising compared to their larger-screen counterparts, or if they are able to build incremental reach and engagement by presenting different use cases," comScore concluded.

Studying pageviews on browsers is probably as close as a researcher can come to studying media consumption on different tablets. It would be difficult, for instance, to study the reading habits of tablet editions since the apps can differ so greatly – a Kindle edition on one device versus a fully native app on another, for instance.