Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The alumni magazine for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco gets its own natively designed tablet app

Alumni magazine are great recruitment tools for schools. But one problem with them is that the student prospect remains unknown until the either make an inquiry, apply or take a campus tour.

But a digital magazine, found in the App Store – either inside Newsstand or not – is one way to reach these students (as well as other alums).
The quarterly alumni magazine for the Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco, made its App Store debut today. The free app, placed inside the Newsstand, offers all readers the ability to download newly designed digital issues free of charge.
A/Journal shows that media designers are far ahead of the Chronicle or other newspapers in the Bay Area. Why this is remains a mystery, but it certainly does not reflect well on the state of the area's press.

The app is probably one of those that will not garner thousands upon thousands of downloads, but it will serve its purpose well – keeping alumni informed, and providing prospective students with a look at the school and those who have attended.

Left: the navigation page; Middle: the splash page, which goes by so quickly that I thought I'd capture it for you; Right: the table of contents.

Here is a short walk through the new A/Journal app for the iPad:

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Will Steuber said...

I'm glad you took notice of this app, it's a great recruitment tool and also keeps the alum informed and engaged. A tablet app is the best way to present such a wide array of artwork from illustration to photography to video and multi-media. -- things that can't fully be conveyed in print.

Because the app was built on the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, the foundation is in place for students to be able to contribute and actually build out their own issues in the future.