Friday, May 18, 2012

Apple gives Wenner Media's US Weekly a little love, and a bit of a push into the tablet publishing platform

Maybe Apple has read those interviews with Jann Wenner, too. It would appear that way, as the tech giant today added the first tablet edition from Wenner Media into their iPad App of the Week section.

The added promotion will no doubt increase downloads and possibly give those inside Wenner Media the ammunition needed to continue their app development efforts.
The US Weekly Magazine app was released yesterday (see TNM's report) and has so far received mostly positive reviews from readers inside the App Store.

As I predicted, the biggest complaint is that print subscribers are forced to buy the digital edition if they want to read the magazine on their iPad. There are four written reviews of the app that give it a one-star rating (the lowest possible) and all of them are complaints about the inability of print subscribers to log into the app to read their magazines.

The app is a hybrid app whereby the print ads are reproduced as seen in print, while the editorial content is reformatted for the tablet, making reading much easier and more pleasurable than a straight replica edition.