Thursday, May 10, 2012

Apple promotes the digital books inside iTunes built using its own eBooks authoring tool, iBooks Author

For quite a while now Apple has been promoting enhanced eBooks inside the Books category of iTunes. The idea was to let readers know of the books that would offer more than simply text reformatted for the iPad or iPhone (or iPod touch, let's not forget about that).

The problem with the "enhanced" category was that one still didn't really know what was meant by this. Some books designated "enhanced" simply had an introductory video, or some additional photographs. Most importantly, "enhanced" does not necessarily mean that the eBook was created using iBooks Author, Apple's own digital software tool launched at the Apple educational event in January of this year.
But now Apple has decided to do a little promotion of the eBooks built using its digital publishing software. Inside iTunes, in Books, Apple has now created a section just for eBook build with iBooks Author.

Some of the books inside are George Harrison: Living In the Material World, a book Apple has been promoting heavily since is appearance inside iTunes.

Forty eBooks in total are being featured and not all the books have a price tag on them. Street Photography and Edwin the Super Duper Otter are just a couple of the books that are available for free.

The "Made with iBooks Author" category had the look of something that might be temporary but is not a bad idea to give readers some guidance as they may expect (though readers can download samples of any eBook inside iTunes).