Monday, May 21, 2012

Bonnier updates Saveur and Garden Design; Medical publisher Bryn Mawr Comm. launches series of replicas

Bonnier this weekend updated a couple of its tablet editions, Saveur and Garden Design. The app descriptions state that the update is designed to fix a bug involving the apps start-up, fixing a freezing issue.
Neither of these apps use the Mag+ platform which Bonnier was involved with developing. Instead, both tablet editions are replica editions, which is especially disappointing in the case of Saveur where the tablet platform offers so many new possibilities for a magazine involved in both cooking and world travel.

For most readers inside the App Store, however, the biggest issue with the Bonnier apps remains the company's insistance that print subscribers pay again for the digital editions.

Another issue with the apps is the language used in the app description to tell readers of the preview. A magazine preview inside a Newsstand app is that short look at the tablet edition, usually a half dozen to a dozen pages. The Bonnier app description refers to a "preview issue", making it seem as if the app is offering a full issue for free. Later in the app description, it is stated "If you like it, buy the full issue for US$4.99 or subscribe."

The proper language that should be used, of course, would be "issue preview" rather than "preview issue".

Four weeks ago TNM looked at some medical magazines released for the iPad by the B2B publisher Bryn Mawr Communications (see here).
This weekend the publisher continued releasing apps for additional titles in their portfolio including the two titles seen here: Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today and Advanced Ocular Care.

Additional titles receiving their first apps are Retina Today, NewDermMD, DermPerspectives, Glacoma Today, Cutaneous Oncology Today, Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe, and Practical Dermatology.

The company continues to use Paperlit to create these replica editions.