Monday, May 7, 2012

Capgemini Consulting uses the Apple Newsstand for a distribution channel for its digital information publications

The consulting firm Capgemini UK PLC this weekend launched a new app into the Apple Newsstand as a way of distributing its journals.
The new app, Digital Transformation by Capgemini Consulting, is free, and downloaders can gain access to the publications found inside at no cost.

In essence, the consulting firm is using the Newsstand simply as another way to distributing its publications for promotional purposes. Because they are not acting as a commercial publisher, there is no pay or advertising model, and hence no reason to go out of their way to create a native tablet editions – a replica here will do.

But there are some things Capgemini can do here that would improve their tablet publishing efforts. First, the person in charge needs to fix their app icon. The one currently in the store is low resolution and the wrong size. This is easy to fix.
Second, the app team might want to work with the production folks building the print journal. As a replica, the iPad edition simply is an exact copy of the printed version (I assume). But the pages feature a lot of white space, and a font that shows up rather lightly on the tablet display.

An easy adjustment would simply to build the print pages in such a way that the resulting PDF (or other graphic file) can be cropped to, say, 80 percent. This would increase the font size relative to the tablet display, and assist in reading.

Replica editions have their place, and this is certainly one of those times. But simple adjustments can make those replicas more easily read and more effective for the client.

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The Capgemini Consulting digital marketing team said...

We were very interested to read your post here at Capgemini Consulting. Apple Newsstand is a new innovation for us and one we think could be an important channel for sharing our Thought Leadership content. Your comments about developments and improvements were valuable and we will certainly take those on board. Thank you for your interest in our work. -- The Capgemini Consulting digital marketing team