Friday, May 25, 2012

culture Magazine, the Australian hair fashion bi-monthly, launches a new tablet edition

The Australian hair fashion magazine, culture, has released its first tablet edition into the Apple Newsstand – a native designed digital edition which, for some reason, is not charging for access to the issues. One reason for this may well be that the publisher is distributing the magazine free to those inside the industry, guaranteeing that the title will reach its target audience, while charging casual readers who simply want the magazine. Frankly, I'm guessing as neither the website nor the media kit give us a clue to circulation or strategy.
The magazine may like to go by "culture" with a small "c", but in the App Store the app is named Culture,

The new tablet edition gives readers access to the bi-monthly issues that are formatted in portrait, with videos designed to be played in landscape. The first issue found inside the app weighs in at 366 MB – pretty modest, though it ends up being a pretty slow download, nonetheless.

The tablet magazine is enhanced with videos created for the publication's website – labelled "culture TV." This immediately gives the digital edition a huge advantage as they have plenty of interactive material at their disposal. Supplementing this video are animations built into the tablet edition. They really don't add much, but they are certainly attractive.

As for the magazine... yuck. Oh well, I'm certainly not part of the target audience for culture (shoot me if I ever am).

As for the tablet edition, though, it is worth a look if only because it is well designed and... free.