Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Czech coffee café chain, Costa Coffee, has its branded magazine launched into the Apple Newsstand

I used to work for the Contra Costa Times, back in the day, and when my eye caught this new tablet edition inside the App Store I was excited for a split second that the poor, mismanaged MediaNews Group newspaper might have actually launched a decent tablet edition (it hasn't).

No, this new digital publication is from the Czech Republic, not Northern California. Costa Coffee Times - Pohodové noviny pro každého is the name for the new iPad edition of the corporate magazine of a Czech coffee house chain, which I assume offers better tasting coffee than your loca Starbucks (or, at least, I'd like to think so.
Costa Coffee Times is published for the company by Corporate Publishing, a Czech custom publisher. The digital edition of the magazine, created for the company's website, is pretty much the same as you'll see inside the new iPad edition. The current issue is only 30MB and features no multimedia other than some simple animation.

The app, on the other hand, comes from Quest Group from Düsseldorf, which has made a bit of a mess of the actual app information inside the Apple App Store. The company has misspelled the name of the magazine ("Costa Cofee Times") and has messed up the company links, as well (the link for Costa Coffee goes to Quest, while the link for Quest goes to Costa Coffee). The app description also says that the app is in English. The app also appears under the Quest Group name rather than the company's name, as well.

But I can think of a couple good reasons for TNM to check out the app. For one thing, I think this is the first app from the Czech Republic seen here. For another, as the former publisher of a coffee magazine, the topic continues to interest me. None of the U.S.-based coffee trade magazines can be found inside the App Store, and I think it will be a long time before one appears.

Left: the library page where one downloads issues; Middle: an article with the navigation exposed; Right: the tablet edition ends with a list of café locations.