Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fox Nation has its opinion, as you might guess

I really wondered if this was worth a post. Many Twitter users were both amused and appalled by the sceenshot you see below-right, I haven't seen it posted on too many websites so here it is for posterity's sake.
What you see is a screenshot from the Fox News website page for Fox Nation. If you click the photo you'll see a larger version with the Fox Nation logo on it.

It was, of course, beyond the pale. But, I suppose, it was to be expected – a precursor to what we can expect from Murdoch's news network for the next six months.

The headline appeared immediately after the President said in an ABC News interview with Robin Roberts that he supports gay marriage, though he still believes it is an issue to be left up to the states. North Carolina yesterday became the 30th state to add a discrimination clause into its state constitution outlawing gay marriage.