Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Groupe CANAL+ launches iPad editions for their cable and satellite television magazines in one app

The French television provider Groupe CANAL+ has launched a new iPad app which provides its customer with free access to its two customer magazines, CANAL+ Magazine and CANALSAT.

The tablet editions inside the app, formally called Les magazines CANAL+/CANALSAT, are completely native in design, available in landscape orientation – which makes sense since this is the shape of one's television screen.

New iPad resolution image here.
The tablet editions are free of charge, of course, and can be subscribed to through the app.

The tablet edition seen here in this post, CANAL+, is filled with animation as well as some video content. The layouts and general design are very well done. Unfortunately, one can not tell how large the file is one is downloading (at least not on the library page). But the good news is that the download is pretty quick, though I should report that the app crashed when the download was complete.

These are superior tablet editions, especially when compared to what many U.S. publishers are launching. Many European publishers from France, Italy and other nations have been quick to launch replica editions, but this new app for the new magazines from Groupe CANAL+ are a good sign that some media companies are willing to experience with the tablet platform.

A short walk through the issue of CANAL+ currently available in the newly launch iPad app: