Monday, May 14, 2012

Independent film producer and marketer launches their own digital magazine: Go Social Film Magazine

The concept of content marketing is quite "in" how-a-days, and is very much of the focus of many B2B media meetings. Quite simply it is the idea that companies can create their own magazines, newsletters, websites, and the like, with the purpose of promoting their products and services. B2B magazine publishers see it as direct competition and often wonder why it is being promoted so heavily by their own trade association. (As one publisher told me recently "we seem to be obsessed with driving ourselves out of business, and our own trade association is helping quite nicely".)

The growth of tablets will no doubt prove to be a good, low cost way to create custom content digital publications, but it won't just be brands that want to use this platform in promotional ways.
Take, for instance, this new tablet magazine called Go Social Film  Magazine. The just released app for this tablet-only digital publication, GS Film Mag, is free, and its content is free, as well.

It is the creation of Jason Rogan who is both a film producer of "unique and highly entertaining films on modest budgets and short production cycles", as his LinkedIn profile states, as well as the co-founder of Go Social, "a California based social media marketing agency helping filmmakers around the globe promote and sell their films using advanced social media strategies and tools."

The two activities go hand-in-hand, of course: make films, promote films – and what better way to promote films than through a magazine? or in this case, a digital magazine created for the iPad.

GS Film Mag is a modestly produced digital magazine – it would be called a replica were there a print magazine created before it. The premiere issue inside the app weighs in at just over 40 MB. The issue is designed for portrait reading and looks pretty much like a print magazine – a bit too much like one in that the text is a bit small and light. Since every page is simply an image, the reader can pinch-to-zoom. All pages are to be swiped, there is no scrolling within the issue. So in this regard, this is the simplest of digital designs, something that could be created using any of the DIY app platforms.

The theme of the digital magazine, of course, is film. Swiping from page to page one eventually reaches the video content which can then be viewed either within the app, or streamed to an Apple TV for viewing on an HDTV.

One can expect lots more apps such as this one: they are easy to produce and serve the promotional purposes of their creators.

Left: the library page where one can subscribe for free and download issues; Middle: the navigation instruction page; Right: a page with embedded video.