Thursday, May 10, 2012

iStockphoto offers new plugin for Adobe Creative Suite 6 for in-program search and download of stock images

The Calgary, Alberta company iStockphoto announced a new plug-in solution that will work for the new Adobe Creative Suite 6. The plug-in allows for the searching and downloading of images from within the programs.
The one-click solution allows designers to replace comp images with purchased images resized and positioned within the working page.

"At iStock, we're always looking for ways to help keep customers stay engaged in their creative process," said Michael Cook, VP of product for iStockphoto, in the company's announcement. "Providing speedy access to our collection and easy manipulation of images directly within the tools they use every day is a key way to ease their workflow and provide a smoother overall experience."

The plug-in is free of charge to download (available here) and requires that the user have CS 5 or higher. While an iStock account is not necessary to install the plug-in, the user will, of course, need to establish an account in order to download images.


Tony Redhead said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the plugin and keep the great blogs coming they are appreciated.

William Jhons said...

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