Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine nearly breaks the one gigabyte mark with its new iPad edition

The fourth tablet edition from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has been released and the app confirms what many publishers were fearing, that file sizes would explode. The Summer 2012 issue to be found inside the library of the newly released app Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine is 955 MB in size when the download is for the new iPad, almost breaking the one gig mark (is there a prize for the first to do it?).
All four tablet editions from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia are native designed starting with the flagship title, Martha Stewart Living, originally released in November of 2010. Whole Living, released just last month, featured a file size of 358 MB, puny in comparison to this new app.

The staff behind this new app must be fully aware that the file size will scare some people. Inside the app description are these words of wisdom:

Note: Download time will be longer on the new iPad because this issue is optimized for the Retina display in all its high-resolution glory. But please be patient, it's worth the wait!"

The download is fairly quick, though the start and stop nature of the download did worry me. Besides, one has to be concerned that some readers will see the download as lasting longer than a Las Vegas wedding.

But once the download is complete there is certainly lots to like about the digital magazine. The Summer issue is packed with animations, though one has to admit that cutting back in this area would reduced the file size a bit.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia continue to offer their digital editions free to their print subscribers, guaranteeing them far less one-star reviews. Single issues can be purchased for $4.99, though this seems a poor way to get the magazine as monthly subscriptions are only $0.99 per month. The publisher is also offering one month free for signing up, as well.

Here is the obligatory video walk-through – a bit longer this time because of the amount of content in the issue. Much has been left out of the video and the low-resolution video does not do the graphics of the digital magazine justice.


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