Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mitt Romney secures enough delegates to lock up nominations, launches iPhone app that gathers giggles

Who doesn't want a better "Amercia"? (wherever that is). Certainly the Mitt Romney campaign, which yesterday celebrated the knowledge that the Republican nomination was secured, wants a better "Amercia".
The Romney for President campaign yesterday launched a new iPhone app, With Mitt, that lets users take pictures, then share those pictures with their friends along with a campaign message. Those messages include I'm WITH MITT, We're WITH MITT, the AMERICA WE LOVE, and, of course, A BETTER AMERCIA.

That typo was spotted by the folks at Mashable last night when the app was released, no doubt tipped off by the barrage of tweets about the app.

While the app will give some people a good reason to laugh at the Romney campaign, the typo does point out one of the dangers of developing apps – the lag time between complete, launch and, now, updating. Getting an app through the Apple app review team can take a while, many developers have found, and that app team is not going to proofread your app, right? While most media apps can correct errors through simply changing the copy within the news feeds, other apps might have to be updated. That update then has to go through Apple's system once again.

But this typo is easily corrected. The real problem with the new iPhone app is that the slogans are not that creative. Where, for instance, are the truly inspirational messages. You know, like "I like being able to fire people" or "Could someone check on Seasmus?"

Update: the Romney campaign has just issued an update for the app, saying it contains "bug fixes" – yeah, right.