Thursday, May 31, 2012

New media updates: Netflix, MLB update their apps to fix bugs and change the user interface

Acouple of the most popular universal new media apps were updated today: Netflix and At Bat – both app seek to bring in new features, while fixing bugs frequently mentioned by uses.

The Netflix universal app fixes some bugs, but also now adds in the ability for users to select an audio language, when that feature is available on a particular movie or TV show.

The reaction from users is decidedly mixed as some users have found that the app now does not allow them to log in.

MLB Advanced Media has also updated its iOS app, At Bat. The universal app brings in a new design for several areas of the app including the team schedules. The app also changes the interface a bit by introducing scoreboard swiping. But the real update is the fix to the live audio error messaging.

My own personal experience with the app has been that the app works fine, but that MLB support is awful. The entity managing the service has outsourced support to overseas and have apparently instructed their support staff to simply cancel accounts and offer refunds rather than attempt any sort of actual customer support. With another industry, such as telecommunications, this wouldn't be a problem, a customer could simply choose to work with another company. But baseball retains a monopoly on its product so the consumer either has to deal with MLB or do without.