Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post holiday weekend, media app updates begin getting released: Mac|Life and The Guardian Eyewitness get 'retina' support iPad app updates

Several well regarded media apps have been updated this morning that bring 'retina' display support to the apps.

The Guardian Eyewitness, the photojournalism app that was launched around the time of the original iPad's first launch, has been updated this morning to fix some minor bugs and to add in high resolution images for users who own a new iPad. The Guardian remains slow to launch mobile and tablet apps – an approach I believe is wrong as this site is a huge advocate for "serial launching" – but their apps are all well regarded and certainly thought out.
Another media app updated today is the universal app from Mac|Life. Mac Life Magazine is not to be confused with the original app released for this title. That app, Mac|Life Tablet Edition is no longer available in the App Store. Designed and developed in partnership with Balthaser Studios, a pioneer in Flash web design, the original app was a native designed stand alone application (it was released before the introduction of the Newsstand) that I described in 2010 as "a killer tablet edition."

While the current app has now added retina support, it is basically a replica edition and is quite a disappointment.

The problem, I suppose, is that one can go ahead and pay a fortune to create a native application using an outside firm, but it is hard to justify continuing this approach. So now, rather than continuing to be a leader in the tablet platform, the magazine has gone in the other direction.

Mac Life continues to be aggressively priced, but users continue to give the app edition poor marks for slow page rendering and the lack of retina support – at least one of these items has been corrected with the update.

Also of note: the myKiosk for iOS app support app from Aquafadas, the French digital publishing platform company, has also been updated today. The update fixes some bugs involving stability and rotation in the PDF reader. It also introduces a new info view on the main page.

The app is the viewer app for content created in the AVE format using the plug-in for either InDesign or QuarkXPress.