Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Red Bulletin updates its U.S. edition app; a look at the June issue; Aquafadas updates MyKiosk viewer app

The Red Bulletin, the digital tablet magazine from beverage company Red Bull, currently has four different language editions inside Apple's Newsstand: English, German, French and Spanish. Each app has been updated within the past two weeks, with the English edition update released today.

Click here for hi-res new iPad image.
TNM readers are no doubt familiar with Red Bull's tablet magazine. The digital magazine has been somewhat of a tour de force example of the tablet platform, with embedded videos, native tablet design, etc.

The latest issue, June is no different. The issue weighs in at 242 MB, its size reduced by the choice of offering the magazine strictly in landscape (though the library page works in portrait, as well).

Red Bulletin is always a great digital magazine to show publishers unfamiliar with what innovative publishers are doing on tablets. Besides the multimedia, the issues usual feature good examples of story telling through utilizing the tablet platform, as well as more traditional appearing layouts reformatted nicely for the iPad.

Red Bull now has 13 apps for the iPad, 14 for the iPhone – most are universal apps (meaning that there aren't really 27 separate apps in the App Store). Besides the digital magazine, the company has also released apps under the games, music, sports and entertainment categories.

Here is a brief look at the app and the front of the June issue:

Aquafadas, the French digital publishing solutions company, issued an update to its view app and users of the production system should update.

myKiosk for iOS is the view app that lets designers view their work when using the AVE format. The Aquafadas system works using a plug-in for either QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign.

The new update features bug fixes as well as a few enhancements.