Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Retweet: Google's Chrome browser is said to be coming to Apple's iOS platform; default settings with limit use

The tech site GigaOM is reporting on the possible launch of the Google Chrome browseer for iOS devices. More accurately, they are passing on information from Macquarie (USA) Equities Research. No matter, the launch of Chrome for iOS would be a very good thing.

I use both Chrome and Safari every day, and while I hate how much Safari hangs up when it launches a new tab, generally Safari is a better performing browser (barely). But Chrome has at least two things going for it that puts it head and shoulders ahead of Safari for what I do every day: search by typing within the URL form, and built-in translation.

While using a search box is not such a horrible thing, it is a waste of real estate – Chrome's solution is superior.

But built-in translation is something Apple should have built into its OS – it astounds me that they are so far behind in this area. The reason is simple: Apple works with content providers worldwide, decent translation services open up so many possibilities for international publishers that the fact that Apple hasn't recognized (or at least acted on) the possibilities confuses me.

GigaOM's best point in its post, authored by Kevin C. Tofel, is that the introduction of Chrome for iOS maybe just the incentive Apple needs to upgrade Safari by adding in the above mentioned Chrome features – we'll see.

Oh well, Chrome for the iPad and iPhone would work for me. But as GigaOM points out, the big drawback to wide acceptance of Chrome on iOS devices is that Apple currently doesn't allow the user to change the default browser setting – and I doubt they will for quite some time, or ever.