Friday, May 25, 2012

Slew of media app updates released before the start of the Memorial Day weekend

It's the Friday before the start of the Memorial Day weekend and no doubt quite a number of my U.S. readers are taking the day off in order to extend the holiday to four days. In preparation, it looks like a lot a updates have been released to clear the table, so to speak.
Both iOS main iOS apps have been updated for the New York Times.

The mobile app, NYTimes, has bene updated to add a couple new features: a refresh button that displays app update progress, and the app now allows you to reorder the sections and blogs found within the app.

NYTimes for iPad, on the other hand, adds some new blog content, as well as the usual bug fixes.

Both apps now allow for overnight updating when the device is on WiFi.

The Zillow Real Estate app has bene updated to make it more like what can be found online. Full price and tax history has now been added to the home detail page.

The universal app, WatchESPN, has been updated, though, to be honest, I can't figure out what has changed. The app description mentions bug fixes, but also mentions that Comcast customers can now use the app. Well, that was actually added in the last update, so who knows.

The Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine app has bene updated to fix an issue with the subscription authenticating. An in-depth look at the app can be found here.

For whatever reason, the post on this app, first seen on Wednesday, has gotten a lot of traffic. Do I have a bunch of readers planning to get married soon?

Other media app updates of note: Comcast has updated its Xfinity TV app, fixing security certificate issues; NPR News has updated its iPhone app, adding TED Radio Hour and Ask Me Another content, as well as improving design and fixing bugs; and The Week Magazine US has been updated to support the 'retina' display of the new iPad, and fix bugs and improve performance (the UK version was last updated on April 12.)

I wouldn't be surprised to see more updates released as the Apple app team prepares for the weekend.