Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update: The Kobo Newsstand remains not ready for prime time on the iPad; despite glitches, former Borders partner continues to push subscriptions

Almnost three weeks ago I responded to the emailing of a press release from Kobo, the eBook seller formerly associated with Borders. On that day I wrote a post about the McClatchy Kobo editions and how bad they looked. I speculated that something had gone array, surely they couldn't have been designed to look like what I was seeing on my iPad.

Three weeks later the situation has not changed much. The Kobo eBook store's newsstand still looks like a half completed project, and the Kobo editions still do not work on my iPad.

I retested the Miami Herald Kobo edition and it does look different, if not much better. The individual stories are improved in look, but they are essentially like a Kindle Edition in that stories are forced to share the same look and layout.
But the "front page" remains the issue: the text is often cut out and the all that a reader can see are rows of headlines.

Wondering if this was unique to the McClatchy papers I tested out the Boston Globe and International Herald Tribune Kobo editions. Amazingly, the situation was far worse. That blank page you see above at left is the front page of the Globe's Kobo edition. Or was that the IHT's front page, it is hard to tell, obviously.

Programmers know the horrors of apps gone bad, but few end up launching those apps before they are debugged. Kobo apparently is not one of those companies.