Monday, May 7, 2012

What to move to Seattle? Amazon recruiting for a 'Head of Kindle Publishing Platform'

A quick trip through MediaBistro revealed that Amazon is looking to bring on a Head of Kindle Publisher Platform and Tools. The position, it appears, is totally geared towards books, which is too bad since it is the way newspapers and magazines are appearing on the Kindle that is in the most need of an upgrade.

The position is mostly technical, of course, but there is some talk in the job description of vision:

As a technical leader, you are a pragmatic visionary that can translate business needs into workable technology solutions that scale both technically and operationally. You will be responsible for developing software applications and services in a fast-paced, start up-like environment.

I think I get an email from a recruiter at least once or twice a day simply because somewhere inside my resume I have listed that TNM has an iPhone app in the App Store. (No, recruiters, I'm not interested in developing apps. But if you've got something involving digital media at a newspaper or magazine company, let me know. Nothing, huh? That's what I thought.)