Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amazon sends invite to developers to submit their apps for distribution in Europe later this summer

Amazon has sent out an email to its mobile app developers inviting them to begin submitting their apps for future distribution in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Spain later this summer.

Amazon also promises that more countries will be added to the list "in the near future."

"You now have the ability to select the countries where you would like your apps to be sold and can set your list prices by marketplace," Amazon informed its developers. "If you are already participating in the program, you will automatically have your apps made available for sale internationally by default. And you can easily change international availability for your apps via the Distribution Portal if you don't want your apps to be sold in select countries. Developers allowing Amazon to sell apps internationally are responsible for ensuring their apps comply with all applicable export and import restrictions and the laws of the countries in which the apps are sold."

Amazon said that while it will not require its developers to submit their app in the native languages of the countries of distribution, "we would encourage you to consider localizing your apps with language translations for different regions and to think of creative ways to deliver great experiences to your international customers. Just as in the U.S., developers that sell their apps in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, and Spain will benefit from Amazon's trusted 1-Click purchasing as well as the easy to integrate In-App Purchasing API."

Amazon also said it was changing the terms of the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Agreement. Beginning next month, developers will earn 70 percent of the apps sales price. The prior agreement stated that the developer would earn 70 percent of the sales price or 20 percent of the list price, whichever was larger.

The second change allows developers to control the timing of their app submissions, allowing them to determine which apps would be available to which customers and when those apps would become available.