Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apple Smart Case a smart upgrade for iPad owners

Most readers (maybe all) of this website probably own an iPad, whether the generation of tablet that might be. And while it isn't the mission of this site to talk about products, such posts haven't been completely missing either.

Because of that, I thought it might be worth mentioning the introduction of the new iPad cover Apple introduced on Monday.

The Smart Case is a big improvement over the Smart Cover that was introduced at the same time as the iPad 2.

The Smart Case, unlike the previous product, protects the entire iPad, though I don't really think that is the improvement.

The original Smart Cover seemed like such a nice product because of those magnets that attached the case to the iPad – they also, of course, turned on and off the display.

But anyone who actually has owned one for a while knows that what seems cool at first can be quite a drag over time. Those magnets don't really secure the cover to the iPad very well, and in the most inopportune times the case will fall off.

The new cover is designed so that the iPad fits inside a unibody case. Although its major sales point may be protection, ease of use is probably its biggest attraction – no more inadvertent dislodging of the case.

The case costs $49 from Apple, and mine was order on Monday and was received today. I'd recommend the upgrade.