Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bonnier issues a string of tablet edition app updates, plus a new iPad app for Cycle World outside the Newsstand

International magazine publisher Bonnier has issued a series of iPad app updates for its portfolio of titles, as well as a brand new app for Cycle World. Interestingly, the new app resides outside of Apple's Newsstand.
The new tablet edition for Cycle World Magazine currently only offers the Buyer's Guide edition, which may explain why the app is not inside the Newsstand. It's possible that the app will be updated in the future to begin offering individual issues and subscriptions. For now, the app, while free, requires that the reader pay $5.99 to access the buyer's guide.

Bonnier has plenty of other iPad apps that reside the Newsstand, many of them are custom publishing projects for clients of their magazines.
The publisher also issued updates for a string of their titles: Garden Design Mag, Saveur, Ski Mag, Snow Mag, Salt Water Sportsman Mag, Skiing Mag, Boating Mag, Cruising Mag, Science Illustrated Magazine, Scuba Diving, Florida Travel + Life Mag, Sailing World Mag, TransWorld WAKEBOARDING, Field & Stream Mag, Sport Fishing Mag, Yachting Mag, Caribbean Travel + Life Mag, Marlin Mag, Outdoor Life Mag, Sport Diving Mag, WaterSki Mag, Parenting School Years, Parenting Early Years Magazine, Working Mother Magazine and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Mag. (No guarantees that I got them all!)

All the updates, and the new Cycle World app are for Bonnier's magazine titles that have chosen to go the replica route. The updates are designed to improve the app start-up when opened for the first time.

The apps for the technology group – that would be titles like Popular Science and Popular Photography – use the Mag+ platform and were last updated in April to bring in 'retina' support for the new iPad.

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Robert M. Cohn said...

The reason why the Cycle World app is not in the Apple newsstand is that it does not offer subscriptions to the magazine -- a requirement to be included.

Instead this is an app offering 2 single-shot publications from Cycle World -- the 2012 Buyer's Guide and a free publication called Moto Intro which introduces neophytes to the sport of Motorcycling.

Robert M. Cohn
Consumer Marketing Director
Cycle World