Thursday, June 7, 2012

Canada's English language cable channel, Aux, launches a tablet-only music magazine into Apple's Newsstand

If you are a television network and you decide you want to launch your magazine would you produce a traditional print magazine or go straight to digital? I suppose that is a rhetorical question since the answer is becoming fairly clear, go digital right up front.
That is precisely what GlassBOX Media, the producers of the Canadian music channel Aux has decided to do. AUX Magazine is a digital-only magazine for the Canadian music market that has launched straight into Apple's Newsstand. The app is free to download, and once installed readers can subscribe to the magazine for free, or download individual issues, also free of charge.

The natively designed app's first issue weighs in at a modest 230 MB. To keep the file size down, the digital magazine is designed to be read in portrait only. The first issue of free of video and much animation, it is instead concentrates on music samples – which makes perfect sense.

Aux is available on Canadian cable services such as Rogers Cable and is in over one million households. The English language music channel concentrates on alternative, hip hop, indie rock and pop genres, which means that I will probably not keep the app inside my own Newsstand on a permanent basis, but I think most reviewers inside the App Store will nothing but positive things to say about this new digital pub.

One could complain, I suppose, about the design of the music player inside the app – it's way too small – but the first issue is a great start, and future issues can make whatever adjustments are necessary.

You can take a quick tour of the inaugural issue of AUX Magazine below: