Monday, June 11, 2012

IAB reports that Q1 Internet ad revenue hit new heights, up 15% over the same quarter in 2011

Last week the Newspaper Association of America announced that newspaper digital advertising growth had slowed to a trickle. Newspapers, in fact, saw their digital revenue grow by only 1 percent, and the NYT and Washington Post even recorded declines in the category.

But if newspapers thought that the slowing in digital could be chalked up to the economy, the IAB today delivered some sobering news: first quarter Internet advertising revenue set another new record, $8.4 billion. This represents a 15 percent increase over the same quarter a year ago.

“More online consumers than ever are taking to the internet to inform and navigate their daily lives—by desktop, tablet or smartphone,” the recently returned President and CEO of the IAB, Randall Rothenberg, said. “Marketers and agencies are clearly–and wisely–investing dollars to reach digitally connected consumers.”

The advertising report issued by the IAB is unaudited, but its historical information clearly shows the trend. While many media gurus continue to push paid content strategies and try to convince their clients and readers to abandon ad dependent publishing strategies, the pie for digital continues to grow.