Thursday, June 7, 2012

Media app updates: Developers update apps due to new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite features; Hearst updates Food Network Magazine though still charges print readers

The latest version of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite has led many developers to begin updating their media apps. One of those apps, Ziff Davis's PC Magazine originally appeared in March (see launch post here).

The app was then updated in May to add 'retina' support for the new iPad. This increases the file size for owners of the new iPad, though not for others. Now the app has been updated once again, though readers will not find it to be radially different.

Hearst Communications continues to update its magazine apps, issuing updates today for Food Network Magazine and Woman's Day Magazine. Like the update for Cosmopolitan the app descriptions touts that the update is in response to reader feedback. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth as like all Hearst magazine apps, the largest complain, by far, is that print subscribers are forced to pay for their digital editions. Both of the newly updated apps have a majority of one-star reviews, due entirely to the fact that print subscribers are unhappy with Hearst's tablet edition policies.

Both the Ziff and Hearst apps updated are using digital publishing that one would describe as native. Another app, for the B2B title CSP, which covers the convenience and petroleum retaining industries (the two are tied together because many gas stations have convenience stores attached), is instead a replica.

Readers who download the new app, however, will find that the app is now completely broken. Because the B2B title is offering the issues free of charge, it immediately asks the reader if they want to subscribe. In fact, any tap of the screen brings up this message... over and over again.

Needless to say, look for another app update soon.