Monday, June 18, 2012

Media app updates: Washingtonian Magazine upgrades UI of its tablet edition; Aquafadas issues a quick update to its 2.0 system viewer app

Several media companies issued updates to their tablet apps this weekend, including Hearst which continues to roll out updates for its magazine titles – Road & Track and CFG: Cosmo for Guys being the latest.

Washingtonian Magazine, which bills itself as "the magazine Washington lives by" (does that mean if we kill off the magazine we kill off Washington?), issued a major update to its iPad app that contains major changes to its UI.

From the app description:

Washingtonian Magazine, Version 3.0.0 includes the following features:
• Newly designed high resolution Cover Gallery featuring list view, thumbs view and large thumb view options.
• A description of each issue now appears in the Thumbs View.
• Newly designed contextual menu system (menus now overlay the page content without obscuring the page).
• Issue downloads now work in the background, or when the device is sleeping.
• Keychain Access to remember login information on the device.

Washingtonian Magazine is now optimized for The New iPad with the following enhancements:
• Upgraded graphics to take full advantage of the crispness of the Retina Display.
• High resolution icons loaded for App Store and Desktop.
• Smaller file size.
• Reduced download time.
PhotobucketWashingtonian continues to only offer a monthly subscription option – $1.99 per month – rather than an annual subscription option. One would think this would lead to some drop off in subscribers, though I know of no research done on this issue to date. Single issues can be bought for $3.99.

The Next Web also issued an update for its tablet-only magazine, TNW Magazine. The update brings 'retina' display support for owners of the new iPad. (See original February look at the tablet-only magazine here.)

The digital publishing company Aquafadas, which recently introduced version 2.0 of its tablet publishing platform, updated its viewer app again this weekend. This brings the myKiosk for iOS to version 2.0.1.

The update fixes some bugs that are often found in first generation versions.

For those not familiar with the Aquafadas solution, here is a video look from the company of its AVE Appfactory: