Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New York Times issues iOS app updates as users complain of being locked out of the apps

The New York Times this morning issued app updates for its main mobile and tablet news apps for the Apple platform. Yesterday the company updated its Android phone app.

Both the iPhone and iPad apps were updated, with the app description stating that the app fixes "a new issue where subscribers were unable to access full content."

But users in both the Apple App Store and Google Play are complaining of not being able to access their accounts to gain content. While it appears that the reviews inside iTunes were written prior to the update, the new reviews inside Google store appear to have been written after the Android update.

Over time I have found that both the mobile and tablet apps to be far less useful than the website, no matter what device used. So my own use of the NYT apps has fallen off dramatically.

The New York Times company has not proved to be a leader in media app development, something than could prove especially harmful if the Apple TV is opened up to third party apps.