Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Polish agency Apella releases a tablet edition for its banking magazine client, Gazeta Bankowa

Here is a magazine my grandfather could have read, though being a Detroiter tied to the car industry I doubt a banking magazine would have been of much interest. Gazeta Bankawa is a Polish monthly magazine for the financial industry, established in 1988.
Today its first tablet edition has been released into Apple's Newsstand by Apella S.A., an agency from Gdynia, north of Gdansk.

Gazeta Bankawa is an app built using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, and therefore one can expect native tablet design – in this case, a landscape only edition, complete with scrolling text boxes, animation and embedded video.

The one issue currently available for download is June and weighs in at 282 MB. The issue is free to download, though future issues will cost 4.99 €, with quarterly subscriptions priced at 9.99 €, and annual subscriptions at 34.99 €.

I believe this is the first magazine from Poland that I have written about here at TNM – certainly the first one using a digital publishing solution that is native rather than replica.

If there is any criticism of the app it is that the tablet edition is being "sold" under the agency's name rather than the publisher's. Certainly it can be expected that the agency would be the one more likely to have the Apple developer account, but creating one for the client would have been easy enough.

In any case, here is a brief walk through the beginning of the June issue: