Friday, July 20, 2012

Dow Jones announces beefed up Olympics coverage for the WSJ, dedicated app launched for Samsung products

This week has been the week many major media outlets released updates to their mobile and tablet products in preparation for the start of the Olympics in London next weekend.

Yesterday afternoon Dow Jones issued a press release highlighting the coverage that readers will see in the Wall Street Journal, stating that paper will have more than 20 reporters and editors in London to cover the game.

The only mention of mobile or tablets, however, was the curious decision to launch a dedicated app for Samsung devices. The app, WSJ Olympics News, is available at Samsung Apps and works on Samsung S2, S3 and Galaxy Note devices.

WSJ Live, which is available on many smart TVs and as a stand alone app, will also feature coverage. WSJ Live is generally a rather embarrassing affair – a camera shoots a couple of hosts sitting in chairs discussing topics they know very little about – so it will be interesting to see what footage the outlet can gather to brighten up its broadcast.