Monday, July 30, 2012

Founder of paidContent launches 'travel intelligence' site that aims to reach professionals and consumers alike; new site takes web-only approach to digital media

The founder of paidContent, Rafat Ali, has launched a new website that seeks to be the go-to place online for 'travel intelligence.' The introduction pages for says it is "a B2B news and info site for the travel industry," but Ali told paidContent that he hopes to reach consumers, as well. has launched using the WordPress CMS, and is using the PublishThis curation software. The site will feature a mix of aggregation, licensed content and original reporting, and while the online site is what is available now, Ali said there will be data services, as well – though he says that the site will be supported through advertising.

Missing from the introduction, though, was any mention of other digital media – mobile and tablets, in particular. Because of this, Skift already seems a bit old fashioned – though maybe there are plans in these areas.

If not, it would be a major blunder. The travel media world is, by definition, mobile, and business travelers will want their information on the platforms they use while travelling. A website might reach travel professionals sitting behind their desks, but competitors surely would recognize the importance of mobile in reaching both business and leisure travelers.