Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Google Chrome for iOS takes away the one real advantage the browser has over Safari, built-in translation

Because I hop around from one website to another, often finding myself at a Spanish newspaper site or a German magazine site, I use Google Chrome as my default browser. I find that the differences between Safari and Chrome simply aren't enough to not use Chrome with its built-in translation service.

But off hours, or on my iPad or iPhone, Safari is the browser of choice.

But Google recently released its first iOS version of Chrome and those who are used to using the browser on their PCs have been downloading the browser in large numbers and have been giving the app good marks inside the App Store.
The biggest advantage to Chrome on iOS devices really only appears when one wants to sync bookmarks. If Chrome is your browser of choice on your PC then this makes sense.

But my problem with the iOS version Chrome is simply that the new app lacks translation services, and that eliminates the sole reason for me to use it.