Monday, July 23, 2012

Haaretz releases first tablet edition for the iPad; app content mirrors the website, offers limited free access

Israel's oldest daily newspaper, Haaretz, has launched its first iPad edition for its English edition.
Haaretz English Edition for iPad offers limited free access, just as the newspaper's website does.

The paper recently launched iPhone apps for both its Hebrew and English editions, though there is currently no Hebrew edition for the iPad. (One might guess that a Hebrew version of the iPad edition will launch soon.)

The app, like the New York Times and Washington Post iPad apps, mirrors the content of the website. Readers can access much of the content before running into the paywall. Monthly subscriptions, which will give you full access, costs $12.99 per month, an annual subscription costs $129.99 per year. A subscription to the iPad edition will also gain you full access to the website.

Current digital subscribers can log into the app to access the content for no additional cost.

The developers appear to have made some mistakes, however, with the subscription process. The app description says that subscriptions start at $2.50 per week, yet inside the app only the monthly and annual options are seen.*** Further, there is a "Buy Edition" button on the front page of the app, tapping that button brings up an error message.

There are other minor errors, as well. Tapping the lead story about Israel demolishing 8 Palestinian villages brought me to a page inviting me to download the iPhone app which forced me to circumvent the app to get back to the story. (Lior Kodner, the head of digital for Haaretz says this confusing ad will be removed.)

The app allows you to archive editions, a useful tool since the content could change unexpectedly since it is tied to the website rather than the print edition.

Because the reader is not downloading the content, file size is not an issue. As a result, the app allows readers to read in both portrait and landscape.

***The $2.50 per week price refers to the annual rate divided by the number of weeks in a year - a bit confusing, but technically correct. Also, the original headline included the word "buggy" which I changed since I really only found one error (the Buy Edition button).



Gray, Germany said...

"Readers can access much of the content before running into the paywall."
No, they can't. Pls show me at least one story at the Haaretz website that is free to view! I can't find any. Since the paywall came up, I'm checking JPost for news about Israel now. Goodbye Haaretz.

Douglas Hebbard said...

I had no problem accessing articles before bumping into a paywall.

Maybe the site just doesn't like you.