Tuesday, July 24, 2012

IDG Australia takes a simple approach with its new tablet edition for ComputerWorld magazine

The new tablet edition for IDG Australia's bi-monthly ComputerWorld is an interesting example of designing for tablets, but keeping things simple – very simple.
The new iPad edition, ComputerWorld, is a free app that also is offering its issues for free, as well. The current issue available, April/May, weighs in at only 19 MB because it contains page images only. Yet, these are clearly not replica pages, but newly designed pages to make reading on the iPad easier than a reduced down print page.

The solution has merits in that not every magazine converted for the tablet has to have scrolling text boxes and be loaded with multimedia content.

The publisher here, however, goes a bit too far with simplicity. The app description, for instance, reads "Australia's publication for IT leaders." That's it, nothing more.

Additionally, there is only one screenshot of the magazine to be found inside.

Now one might chalk this up to the app just launching, but a look at other apps released by IDG Australia shows that the company is not very good at writing app descriptions or creating appropriate screenshots. The folks in Australia might want to look at the apps coming from IDG out of the U.S. or U.K. for inspiration.